Mykonos Beaches

Mykonos Island is celebrated for its fantastic beaches, many of which are considered the most cosmopolitan summer hot spots in Greece. Millions of visitors flock to the island to spend their days lying on Mykonos beaches that are packed with people of every kind. The most famous, and most frequented, Mykonos beaches are Paradise and Super Paradise, although Platis Gialos, Ornos, Psarou, Elia, Ftelia, Paraga, and Kalafatis are close contenders. Naturally, there are Mykonos beaches that are quieter and less crowded for those who want to avoid busy beaches, such as Agios Sostis, Agia Anna nearby Paraga, Fokos and Mersini.

Agia Anna Beach

Agia anna mykonos

One of the two Agia Anna Mykonos beaches is near Kalafatis. It’s a narrow stretch of fine sand surrounded by cliffs. It certainly is an ideal setting for visitors staying at nearby hotels and couples that are looking for a peaceful, relaxing and less crowded place to enjoy your vacation. Most importantly at this Mykonos beach you’ll find a beach volley area, a Scuba Diving Center and umbrellas with sunbeds, loungers and deckchairs for sunbathing.

If you love a fine Greek, Mediterranean or European cuisine after spending a day by the sea there are many alternatives and a variety of restaurants, you’ll find at Agia Anna by Kalafatis. Some of the top cozy tavernas and restaurants at Kalafatis, close to Agia Anna Mykonos beach are Bandanna Mykonos Restaurant & Pizzeria (offering late night food and outdoor seating), Nesaea, Petrino Aquarius, Maizevelo, Spilia Seaside Restaurant & Bar, Pavilion, Aphrodite and Seven among others.

The beach bar at Agia Anna offers a great selection of delicious cocktails as well as great music. You can have access to Agia Anna Beach by Kalafatis by taking the bus from the Old Port to Kalafatis and then a 5-minute walk. If you’re driving, it’s about 30 minutes from Mykonos Town.

Agios Ioannis Beach

Mykonos Beaches

Agios Ioannis Beach in Mykonos Greece is one of the most popular beaches, located close to the capital town of the island. An attractive feature of this beautiful beach is its view of Delos Island, which is located just opposite of this beautiful group of sandy coves. The beach is fully organized with sunbathing facilities and great restaurants for all tastes and budgets offering quality traditional Greek dishes. This is a wonderful beach, with beautiful views, warm breeze, and sparkling clear water.

Since many wealthy and fashionable individuals (both living locally or travelling frequently for pleasure)  own property in the area, it is highly likely you will find yourself dining or sunbathing next to one of them! Agios Ioannis Beach is considered by many travelers one of the most beautiful beaches in the south-western part of Mykonos island, bounded by plentiful hotels and restaurants and may be reached by boat or road vehicle.

In most areas festivals are held in honor of the Saint that each church is named after. Myconians consider it their duty and sacred obligation to operate the Church on the feast of the Saint. With great joy they participate and all are welcome including relatives, friends and visitors to the island and everyone can eat and have fun. Many of the visitors who love and had visited the island, remember with great nostalgia the hospitality and care offered by the Myconians at the festivals.

Agios Stefanos Beach

Mykonos Beaches

Located just a few kilometers from the island capital, Mykonos Town, and the new port, Agios Stefanos beach in Mykonos is a beautiful sandy shore with calm waters and lots of things to do while enjoying the warm Mediterranean sun. This makes it a perfect option for families with children.

Agios Stefanos is a Mykonos beach with an interesting particularity that gives it an enchanting flair – it is divided into two parts, each catering to the needs of different holidaymakers. The upper, east-facing part expands on the hillside surrounding the beach (great for those seeking a bit more privacy) while the other part is right on the shore, featuring a great array of sea sport facilities and services for swimmers.

Here, you can enjoy jet skiing and surfing to sea skiing, as well as sunbathing, given that Agios Stefanos is a Mykonos beach with everything about it extremely well-organized. To get there, you can use the bus service from the old harbor.

Agrari Beach

Agrari Beach

Agrari Beach is ranked among the finest quiet and peaceful beaches in Mykonos. It is situated 10km southeast of the island’s capital on a scenic bay between Super Paradise and Elia Beach and is fully-equipped with sunbathing facilities, a beach bar and a restaurant. Visitors can access Agrari Beach by road or by sea, catching a boat from Platis Gialos Beach.

This beautiful beach is more secluded and less crowded than the surrounding beaches, where you can relax under an umbrella and enjoy a refreshing drink from the beach bar or swim in the clear blue waters.

In Agrari there is also a water sports center where you can rent equipment and have fun at the sea, a tavern and hotels. The beach also attracts nudists. Although the road is a bit demanding, it is well worth a visit. There is a bus to Agrari Beach from Chora, but you can also opt for a taxi boat departing from Platys Gialos.

Elia Beach

Elia Beach
Elia is a Mykonos beach with lots of loyal fans every single year. Right fully so, as it is the largest gay-friendly shore on the island and a favorite choice among nudists as well. Elia, Mykonos, beach is fully organized with sunbeds, waterbeds, umbrellas, and water sport facilities. However, there is always a section on the far end of the shore that is ready to welcome those who wish to simply lie on the sand and have a relaxing time with nothing but the bare essentials, if anything at all! The fine sand beach is located on the south coast of the island less than 10km from Mykonos Town and is part of a long chain of shores, including popular Agrari beach. Significantly less crowded than its siblings, Super Paradise and Paradise beach, Elia beach in Mykonos is still a pole of attraction for thousands of visitors. You may get here by bus from the Old Port bus station (Mykonos Town), by car, motorbike or the water taxi which leaves from the beach of Platis Gialos.

Ftelia Beach

Ftelia Beach

Ftelia is an unorganized beach, with a restaurant for area visitors, crystal clear waters and golden sand. The feature of this beach is the strong north winds which make it suitable for windsurfers for impressive jumps and speed.

When there are no winds, the calm waters combined with the environment make it look like a lagoon with a real beauty.

It is worth noting that on this beach, prehistoric period settlement ruins were discovered  specifically from 4500 BC. Also according to Greek Mythology, the body of Ajax or Aias the Great the son of King Telamon and Periboea, a Trojan War hero, was buried here.

To get to Ftelia, follow the road signs to Ano Mera. Part of the road is layered with cement and the remaining dirt road is in good condition. Along the beach on the dirt road there’s ample parking space for vehicles. You will usually see caravans and windsurfing aficionados coming to enjoy the amazing waves.

Kalafatis Beach

kalafatis Beach
Kalafatis beach lies next to Agia Anna beach and shares the same crystal clear waters and long stretch of sand, while there are tamarisk trees offering cool shadows. Kalafatis beach is the favourite spot for water sports as you can practice windsurfing, parasailing and banana rides without bothering any of the swimmers as the area of sports is separated. Due to the extra accommodating facilities of the beach Kalafatis Mykonos beach has been awarded with the blue flag.

Kalo Livadi Beach

Elia Beach
Kalo Livadi Beach in Mykonos Greece is a long white sandy beach with turquoise waters enchanting all visitors. It is one of the biggest Mykonos beaches and is fully organised. There are umbrellas and sun beds many times reserved from the day before, with a bell to call the waiter and be served at no time. No wonder why Kalo Livadi is a hot-spot not only for the rich and famous but also for anyone who wants to see and be seen! Apart from the beach bars playing mainly Greek mainstream music and serving drinks, you may take advantage of the water sports facilities if you are the active kind of person. Kalo Livadi in Mykonos Greece can be reached by car or taxi from Ano Mera.

Kapari Beach

Mykonos Beaches
Even though it is just a breath from Mykonos Town and right above Agios Ioannis, Kapari Beach is surrounded by rocks and used to be something like a secret place totally unknown to tourists, at least some years ago. Still it is the ideal place for a lonely swim and it is perfect for magnificent sunsets.

Ornos Beach

Ornos Beach
Ornos, Mykonos, beach is a family-oriented shore and one of the trendiest and most crowded beaches. Situated on the southern part of the island, it is only 3.5km from the capital. Expect no wind, crystalline waters, and caster sand which contribute to excellent on-shore experiences. The fact that Ornos, Mykonos, beach is so well-organized with sofas, umbrellas, beanbags, sunbeds, beach bars, and restaurants give it an irresistible allure. As for its distinctive resort atmosphere and the sandy sea bottom that drops off gently from the shore, they definitely create the means for superb family holidays. No wonder many exclusive Mykonos hotels are found here. It should be noted that Ornos, Mykonos is also the starting point for numerous excursions to Delos island, along with other VIP-favored shores, such as Super Paradise, Agrari, Elia, and Psarou. Don’t be surprised if you see luxury yachts dropping anchor here – the sheltered bay is ideal for docking boats, catamarans, and small ships. Finally, the frequent local bus service allows you to access the beach from Mykonos Town without breaking a sweat.

Panormos Beach

panormos Beach

Panormos Beach is fairly quiet and frequented by sunbathers. It is located in a beautiful setting and is exposed to a cool sea breeze. It is one of the Mykonos beaches where nudism is permitted. There are a couple of restaurants located nearby where you can enjoy your meal or coffee in their delightful shadow. They can also set umbrellas and sun beds at your favourite spot and you can have your drink or snack served at no time.

At the beach bar also you will hear great music, for the eclectic ears, so you might want to give it a shot! Beware of the two geese quacking around and have literally become the mascots of the beach! You can reach Panormos Mykonos beach by car.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach Mykonos

Paradise Beach is the most popular of all Mykonos beaches. It is situated on the southern coast of the island, in a charming cove. Visitors will find it to be packed with people at practically any time of the day. It is long and sandy, offering an abundance of dining, sunbathing, and water sports facilities, including a diving center and a camping site.

You will also find great beach bars, such as the Tropicana beach bar and restaurant, which is the greatest hot spot for all-day fun lovers. Another world famous club is the the Cavo Paradiso, organising special sessions hosting upscale DJ’s throughout the summer! If you are still there in the break of dawn you will have the chance to admire the wonderful views to Paradise Beach. Paradise Beach is accessed by car, public bus, or boat from Platis Gialos Beach.

Paraga Beach

paraga beach mykonos
Paraga Beach is one of one of the most popular and much frequented beaches on Mykonos Islands as it offers great facilities, restaurants with lovely dishes, cafés. The beach bar creates an upbeat atmosphere with the loud music and offers a number of chaise longue to reserve and ensure the best spot on the beach. Paraga Beach is a meeting point of the young and restless and a favourite of Italians, especially in August. The beautiful views of the spectacular sunset in the evening compose a unique setting. Paraga Beach Mykonos is very close to Mykonos town and can be conveniently accessed by car, caique boat from other beaches or bus throughout the day. Those of you who enjoy walking, can access Paraga Beach from Platis Gialos, in just 20 minutes.

Platis Gialos Beach

Mykonos Beaches
Platis Gialos beach in Mykonos is one of the most celeb-loved beaches on the island with soft, golden sand and crystalline turquoise waters. It attracts thousands of sun worshipers every summer who rush to the shore to dip their toes in the refreshing Aegean Sea. The shore of Platis Gialos, Mykonos, itself is not only quite long and quiet, but fully organized, with many sunbeds, loungers with tables and seats, bars, restaurants, water sport facilities, a small harbor, massages, showers, and Mykonos hotels lined on the beachfront. Among the things that can make you fall in love with Platis Gialos beach, Mykonos, is the gorgeous scenery and natural surroundings. As for the access to this lovely family (and not only) perfect shore, it is reachable by local bus from Mykonos Town (the buses usually run every 30mins during the summertime). You may also take a taxi-boat from Platis Gialos to reach Elia, Paraga, Super Paradise, and Paradise beaches.

Psarou Beach

Psarou Mykonos

Situated just a short distance from Mykonos Town is the lovely sandy Psarou Beach. Its proximity to the capital and its organized facilities make it one of the most popular Mykonos beaches. It is also one of the most cosmopolitan beaches, a hot spot for the rich and famous where reserving sun beds and umbrellas at the well known restaurants and beach bars during high season is a must.

On Psarou Beach you will find sunbathing, dining, and water sports facilities, making it ideal for all types of visitors. It is also a well-sheltered beach, which is safe for swimming even when strong winds blow. Psarou Mykonos Beach is accessed by car, bus and boat.  Remember that the bus to Psarou stops on the main road, as the way down to the beach is narrow and winding.

Super Paradise Beach

Mykonos Beaches

Super Paradise Beach is a beautiful small cove which getting really crowded during summer time, offering bars, clubs and restaurants. It is particularly popular with the gay crowds, hanging out at the beach bar on the right part of the beach, while at the rest of the area you may relax sunbathing, surrounded by six-pack abs and models!

Super Paradise is one of the wildest Mykonos beaches, as parties are held there every day, all day! You can reach Super Paradise Beach by bus, car and boat. Keep in mind that that the bus to Super Paradise stops on the main road, as the way down to the beach is narrow and winding. Boats make frequent trips from Platis Gialos to Super Paradise until 7 p.m.

Agia Anna Beach Chora

Mykonos Beaches
Being situated close to the bustling heart of the island, Agia Anna beach, Mykonos, occupies a pristine spot on the north side of Mykonos. It is very well organized, with a cosmopolitan character, and an exceptional place to drop anchor if you own a private yacht, motor boat or boat. Agia Anna beach, Mykonos, and the homonymous coastal village, Agia Anna, Mykonos, create a magical scenery indeed. Distinguished by whitewashed houses and flower-filled gardens and balconies, the small village takes you back in time. Although you won’t find the tourist infrastructure of other more populated shores, Agia Anna still provides nice chances for relaxation and lovely harbor vistas – perfect for a short cooling down while touring the island! Its more laid-back feel is probably one of the reasons why so many Hollywood stars and singers prefer the luxury mansions, villas, and Mykonos hotels around this area to spend their Mykonos holidays. As for ways to access the area, the new port has made everything so much easier compared to the past, when Agia Anna was a more secluded region. The local bus system is also well developed, allowing you to get here in no time from all the major Mykonos villages. While here, don’t forget to step foot to St. George Spilianos chapel – it is built in a cavity on the rocky surroundings, and is definitely a must-visit!